Career Clarity by Mandy Kubicek
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Career Clarity

Discover your ideal career
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Are you frustrated with your career?

Do you feel frustrated with your career? But feel stuck because you aren’t sure what you want to do?

I used to be super frustrated with my career. I was afraid I was wasting my life. Why am I working so hard when this job doesn’t even matter?

I wanted to do work that was uniquely me, that made a difference, that was genuinely fun. But I had no idea what that looked like. If I knew what it was I really wanted to do, I'd be gone in an instant. 

I was ashamed of not knowing what I wanted, let alone having it, and I definitely wasn’t gonna ask for help. What’s wrong with me?

Gratefully, I did (eventually) ask for help.

A couple years ago, I left my “successful” software career to create the work life I really wanted. Now, I get to help my high-achieving clients love their work. The concepts, tools, and practices you’ll learn in this course are the same ones we use.

By the end of this 6-week course, you will:
  • Know more than you’ve ever known before about the kind of career you want
  • Take concrete (and joyful!) action towards that vision
  • Have the tools to continue creating and recreating your ideal work life

If this sounds good, you’re in the right place. And I’m so glad you’re here!


What’s included, at a glance:
  • 6+ video lessons (delivered weekly and always available, so you can learn on your schedule)
  • 8+ experiences (from worksheets to visualizations to new habits)
  • 2 LIVE group Q&A calls with Mandy (Don’t worry if you'll miss us, you’ll get the recordings too!)

May 1 - Lesson 1: JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) | Finally clarify in just a few powerful words what makes a career meaningful to you, plus learn a decision-making tool that’s always at your disposal

May 8 - Lesson 2: Play fair | Identify easy and fun action steps to immediately get more of what you want from your career

May 15 - Lesson 3: Meet the geek | Understand the true root cause of your career change resistance and how to recognize it in the moment, so you can snap out of it

🤗Wed May 20 at 3 PM CST - Group Q&A Call with Mandy | Your chance to ask questions, connect with other students, and celebrate your wins

May 22 - Lesson 4: Do the math | Learn just enough about your brain so you can add specificity to your career vision and create a detailed action plan

May 29 - Lesson 5: Puppy paws | Complete your existing to-dos in a way that’s not only more enjoyable, but actually gets you closer to your future vision 

June 5 - Lesson 6: Drop the BS | Learn how to get out of your own way so you can make your biggest dreams come true

🤗Wed June 10 at 3 PM CST - Group Q&A Call with Mandy | Your chance to ask questions, connect with other students, and celebrate your wins

Every Lesson includes at least one hands-on Experience so you can apply the concepts to your life and deepen your understanding. (If you like checking things off a list, you’ll love this course!)


The training was eye opening, to say the least.
With Mandy's help, I am now doing work that I truly enjoy! The homework helped me learn more about myself and will continue to be good resources for me to look back on.
Mandy, thanks for the valuable course. You're helping people live great lives.


Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for anyone who would like to enjoy their work more and doesn’t yet have a crystal clear vision of what they want. (This is true whether you’re completely lost, have some ideas to narrow down, or are pretty sure but not sure enough to make a move.) It’s also great for anyone who helps advise others on their career, such as HR professionals, managers, and mentors.

Who is this course not for?

This course won’t be as effective if you already love your job, or if you already know and consistently apply the works of Martha Beck and Byron Katie. This course is also not for you if you’re not interested in asking yourself hard questions and taking action beyond your comfort zone. (And if this is you, what will it take for you to finally say Yes to your dreams? The world deserves to enjoy your unique gifts!)

I’m overwhelmed as it is. How much time will I have to invest?

Committing 100% is the most important thing you can do. Having said that, you might estimate an hour max per week. Each lesson contains a video that's about 10 minutes long, and 1 or 2 experiences (worksheets.) Most of your invested time will be taking (fun and easy!) action, rather than watching the course content. There is no requirement to complete lessons as they are made available.

What if I can’t make the group calls? What if I get behind schedule?

All course Lessons and Experiences will be available online. You can access them as soon as they’re released, as well as anytime after that. There is no requirement to complete lessons as they are made available. In addition, the group calls will be recorded and provided to all students, regardless of whether they were able to attend the call live. 

I don’t usually invest in myself like this. Isn’t it a little self-indulgent?

What if investing in yourself is the most generous thing you could do? I’m a firm believer that the more we follow our desires, the more we’re able to help the world with our unique gifts. The world needs what you have to offer. This is a deeply generous path of transformation you’re on, my friend!

Does this really work? (I’m guessing it depends on how much I put in?)

You're spot on! The power of this course is in both its content and the actions you’ll take, not only during the course but for weeks, months, and years from now. I'm confident in the course’s effectiveness based on the results of past clients and students. If you aren’t satisfied, please reach out so I can learn more, help you move forward, and enhance the course for all students. 

I still have questions. Can you help?

I’d love to! Shoot me an email at, and I’ll get back to you soon.

Helping you love your work

I’m Mandy Kubicek, Certified Life Coach and former software leader in Omaha, Nebraska. I specialize in helping high-achieving women create work lives that they truly love. Follow me on LinkedIn for tips and inspiration.